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Head of the Group

Andreas Riener

Ph.D. Students

Research Associates

Andreas Löcken

Research Assistants

Former Members

  • Dr. Andreas Riegler
  • Thomas Dorsch
  • Stefan Stoll
  • Dr. Stavros Tasoudis
  • Niklas Pachaly
  • Maximilian Lenz
  • Immo Feine
  • Shiva Mohseni
  • Dr. Clemens Schartmüller
  • Dr. Thomas Kundinger
  • Dr. Philipp Wintersberger
  • Dr. Sinan Hasirlioglu
  • Dr. Anna-Katharina Frison
  • Mag. Dr. Klemens Weigl
  • Maren Röttenbacher

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”