As of 08-2019, the interdisciplinary Human-Computer Interaction Group is composed of 3 PostDocs, 9 PhD students in the broader field of CS/HCI, and 3 associated staff members. In more details, the competence profile of the group members is as follows (see right).

See the individual profile pages belows for detailed information.

  • 3 PostDocs in the fields of
    • Psychology, statistics, and sports
    • Computer science and human factors
    • Qualitative UX research
  • 9 PhD students in the areas HCI, Ergonomics, HRI, UX evaluation, Physiological factors in driving [Stress, Fatigue, Kinetosis], Machine learning/Big data analysis, AR/VR) and
  • 3 associated staff members (technology field lead, technicians)

Head of the group

PhD students

Research assistants/Research associates (PostDocs)


Support staff


Former members