As of April 2021, the interdisciplinary Human-Computer Interaction Group is composed of 3 PostDocs, 10 PhD students in the broader field of CS/HCI, and 4 associated staff members. In more detail, the competence profile of the group members is as follows (see right).

See the individual profile pages below for detailed information about each group member.


  • 3 PostDocs in the fields of
    • Psychology, statistics, and sports
    • Computer science and human factors
    • Qualitative UX research
  • 10 PhD students in the areas HCI, Ergonomics, HRI, UX evaluation, Physiological factors in driving [Stress, Fatigue, Kinetosis], Machine learning/Big data analysis, AR/VR, Explainable AI (XAI) and
  • 4 associated staff members (project coordinator, technicians, support staff)

Head of the group

PhD students

Research assistants/Research associates (PostDocs)


Support staff


Former members