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Claus Pfeilschifter, B.Sc.

    Claus is a test engineer and is mainly responsible for the hexapod test stand at the CARISSMA/THI research center. He holds a degree in IT-Management (aka business informatics) and is also a Bachelor’s professional in Mechatronics.
    He worked for many years as a professional in the Automotive Industry, where he worked in many divisions like research and development, supply chain, and manufacturing. After that, he founded a startup that developed and rented Software as a Service (SaaS) in the B2B area of facility management. The application helped companies to get an accurate evaluation of their work processes.
    After that, he worked as a DevOps engineer in the consulting industry and was self-employed. He helped companies to build and optimize their release pipelines in case of continuous development (CI/CD)

    Contact: ed.ih1709246207t@ret1709246207fihcs1709246207liefP1709246207.sual1709246207C1709246207