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  • Technische Hochschule Ingosltadt

In a nutshell, the research agenda of the HCIG could be summarized as the

development of future interaction concepts and intelligent user interfaces that include cognitive elements to reflect the uniqueness of its user”.

Interdisciplinary team

Hypothesis-driven experimental research

2nd and 3rd dimension

Computer scientists, media engineers, usability/UX researchers, and psychologists.

Our focus is primarily on the broader area of pervasive computing and ubiquitous systems.

Many research projects are related to the automotive domain with an extension into the third dimension (urban air mobility).


We are working in different laboratories at the THI.


It’s all about books, journals, conference papers, workshops, etc.

Study Corner

Looking for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis?

“Including a diverse variety of perspectives and realities when designing our future of mobility is a must. That’s why I strive to do research with people, not about them.”

Martina Schuß

“Psychology uses empirical research to explain how we behave, how we feel and how we perceive things. Without this understanding, the development of appropriate HMIs is not possible.

Bengt Escher

“Creating better communication between humans and machines to reduce accidents and increase inclusion and user experience.”

Andreas Löcken

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