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    Bavarian Autonomous Remote-Controlled Shuttle

    Economical operation of autonomous shuttle buses through teleoperation – platform development and evaluation taking user requirements into account.

    BARCS aims to develop a concept for the economical operation of autonomous shuttle buses through the use of teleoperation and the further development of existing technologies. The construction of a test vehicle and its evaluation are of particular importance here. Finally, the technical and user-related requirements for highly automated vehicles are to be researched in the project to be able to integrate autonomous shuttle buses in Bavaria, nationwide, and economically into local public transport through appropriate developments. The aim is to create the first basis for teleoperated/locally autonomous operation and to be able to open up low-traffic public transport routes with little use of resources. These goals are to be achieved on a functional carrier, in particular using artificial intelligence (AI), 3D environment detection, and object recognition, as well as sensor fusion of various 3D sensors such as stereo cameras and LIDAR.

    The THI is responsible for work package AP 2: Requirements, user needs, and acceptance of teleoperated operations. This work package aims to identify the user needs of the autonomous shuttle bus users and to specify requirements for the in-vehicle HMI to support the users of the autonomous (operatorless) shuttle in teleoperation mode, eliminate prevailing fears, and create acceptance for its use.

    Employee: Bengt Escher

    Project Duration

     March 1st, 2022 – September 30th, 2024


    StMWI, BayVFP Förderlinie Digitalisierung, Programmteil IKT

    Project Partners

    • Blickfeld GmbH
    • DB Regio Bus (represented by RBO Regionalbus Ostbayern GmbH)
    • Uedelhoven GmbH + Co. KG
    • Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
    • Hochschule München

    Granted Fund

    1.917.557,00 Euro


    DB Regio Bus (represented by RBO Regionalbus Ostbayern GmbH)