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Bengt Escher, M.Sc.

    Bengt is a researcher at CARISSMA and Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI). He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Giessen and his master’s degree in Psychology (focus on personnel and business psychology) at the University of Münster. For his bachelor’s thesis, he conducted an EEG study in which he investigated motivational aspects of positive emotional stimuli using event-related potentials. In his master’s thesis, he used observational data to examine to what extent the results of a questionnaire on the ability to regulate emotions (cognitive) are reflected in actual behavior in everyday situations.

    Bengt joined the Human-Computer Interaction Group at THI/CARISSMA as a researcher in January 2023, focusing on the teleoperation of automated shuttle buses and passenger drones, their user perception, and acceptance.