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THI Learning Lab

    THI Learning Lab VR is a part of the Raumlabore project by the Stifterverband and Dieter-Schwarz Stiftung.
    In this project, innovative learning rooms within a university are created and evaluated to show the benefits of future-oriented learning environments that are built with the needs of students in mind and that incorporate student decisions.
    Virtual Reality can bridge issues of availability of space available to learn in as well as spatial barriers. Furthermore, it can improve already existing learning environments and make a learning room quite movable.
    In THI Learning Lab VR a virtual learning environment was created consisting of a lobby where students can choose the learning area they want to use. We offer different kinds of learning environments to be used by the students. Additionally, the students can create their learning nuggets to be implemented into the learning environment. The main part of THI Learning Lab VR is Creativo, a virtual multi-user non-domain-specific learning area with biophilic design elements.
    During the project, the physical and virtual rooms are regularly evaluated and used by students within courses and on open days.

    Employees: Franziska Hegner, Luca Schreiber

    Project Duration:

    October 1st, 2022 – June 30th, 2024