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    – PRedicton of Unavoidable Accidents and Intervention Strategies to ProTECT Road Users

    EU-Antrag FH 03FH011AN6:

    The goal of PReTECT is to implement a cooperative passive safety system aiming at preventing traffic accidents and, in case of unavoidability, minimizing their impact. The project focus is mitigation strategies in particular traffic situations, determined from trajectory predictions of all road participants (vehicles, VRUs) enriched with C-ITS/infrastructure data. The decision-making process is supported by an integrated real-time capable spatio-temporal information system parametrized with traffic observations from vehicle and infrastructure sensors, C-ITS, VRU motion patterns, etc. By applying knowledge from accident statistics databases and other heuristics, the environment allows us to forecast the immediate future and identify potential hazardous traffic situations. The innovation of PReTECT is to counteract human driving errors and failures in driving functions or sensor data and ultimately to prevent accidents or minimize their impact by providing the optimal interference points in space and time for evasive actions. By twinning with partners from the US, BRIC, Korea, and Singapore, the impact of PReTECT is raised to the global level. PReTECT is implemented based on risk analysis to establish ASIL safety requirements and follows the recommendations of ISO 26262, ISO/TS 16949, and related automotive standards.

    The project was submitted to the EU H2020 program in 2017 (1st stage: accepted, 2nd stage: rejected)

    Employees: Philipp Wintersberger

    Project Duration

    June 1st, 2017 – October 19th, 2017

    Granted Fund

    27,138.00 Euro