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Dr. Stavros Tasoudis

    As a UX researcher for the past five years, Stavros can research and design for user experiences. He has recently submitted his 4-year Doctor of Philosophy dissertation in human-computer interaction. During the first year, Stavros worked in collaboration with external partners (Jaguar Land Rover) and stakeholders who funded my project running co-creation sessions to enrich the industrial and societal relevance of my studies. Stavros explored the automotive domain limitations and designed a remote interactive system to support participatory UX activities in autonomous vehicles. The way people can be actively involved in co-designing for experiences mediated by a computer is part of his research work. Stavros is focusing on the analysis of rich qualitative data on what the participants say, do, and make reporting on their explicit, observable, tacit, and latent needs. Ethnographic Interviewing, paper prototyping, think-aloud protocol, and other methods used in Human-computer interaction and UX research helped him in his work to frame rich, actionable insights. Even though quantitative work in UX is not the focus of his most recent studies, his previous work in designing and analyzing questionnaires helped him either triangulate the collected data or generalize the findings when it was arguably necessary. Previously he mastered research through design and the areas of user-centered design, design thinking, vision in product design, design development, and brand-driven Innovation which helped him gain a holistic understanding of design science in the context of HCI.