Shiva Mohseni, M.Sc.

  • augmented reality – virtual reality – automated driving
  • windshield displays

Short Biography

Shiva Mohseni is a Researcher and prospective PhD student at The University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt and CARISSMA institute with 6+ years of experience in European Startups and Enterprise as a User Experience Designer in the spatial computing area. As a UX Designer, she has worked on projects/products in topics such as LiDar sensors and Point Clouds, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Rendering-as-a-Service (RaaS), and Extended Reality applications. In addition to her academic activities, she is a Freelance UX/XR Designer.

She completed her M.Sc. in Digital Media from the University of Bremen in Germany, with a thesis on “Cognitive and Metaphoric Interface Design of Virtual Indoor Spaces to Test Visuospatial Intelligence” and a Master Project about Natural User Interactions in Cars  . Her BA degree is in TEFL-Linguistics/IT  from Azad University, Tehran South Branch, Iran.  With a thesis on “UX Design of Online University Libraries“.



Topics of Research

  • Immersive Prototyping of AR HUDs and Windshield UIs
  • Glanceable AR HUDs Design
  • Accessibilty for AR HUDs
  • VR Simulation of AR HUDs
  • Multimodality in Car UIs
  • Driving Safty and AR HUDs UI