The CARISSMA Institute for Automated Driving deals with technical and social aspects of the introduction of automated driving. With several driving simulators and in virtual reality environments, it explores the interaction between humans and machines with prototypical applications and by using a variety of methods (objective/subjective, qualitative/quantitative, physiological).
A PhD project is welcomed and supported.

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Bachelor/Master Thesis

Problem description :
Automated driving functions are becoming more and more advanced and the human driver can already partially handover the driving task to the vehicle Although offering a lot of benefits ,automated vehicles often behave in unexpected ways , leaving the driver with no cue how and why the car acted the way it did , e.g. stopping with no apparent reason. The aim of this thesis is to develop a human machine interface (HMI) that helps the user understand the car‘s behaviour . In a driving simulator study this HMI will be evaluated

Your tasks:
›related work analysis
›study design
›HMI design
›conducting a driving simulator study
›analyzing gathered data

Your qualifications:
›student of user experience design, computer science, applied research in
engineering sciences or automatisiertes Fahren und Fahrzeugsicherheit
›interest in the scientific field of automated driving
›interest in human machine interaction
›reliability and independent way of working
›basic programming skills

The thesis can be written either inenglish or in german language

Carina Manger, M.Sc.
Room: W105
Thesis supervisor:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Riener