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This project aimed at intensifying the research partnership between CARISSMA/THI and Georgia Institute of Technology. Prof. Bruce Walker (GeorgiaTech) and Prof. Riener are actively involved in AutoUI conferences for several years, and their PHD students were already cooperating loosely. To combine the expertise of both groups (Prof. Riener: Computer Science, Prof. Walker: Psychology), a research project was initiated. Goal of the project is to address trust in automated vehicles with special regard to the development of a standardized, cross-cultural subjective scale for the quantification of user trust/acceptance. Currently, various questionnaires/scales for assessing trust in automation exist for different puroposes, thus user studies in this domain are usually hard to compare. Development of a standardized scale including all potentially important factors (such as personality traits, dispositional/situational trust development, secondary activities) that brings existing research from a professional (such as aviation) to the consumer (potential customers of automated vehicles) domain could have great impact and would be a valuable scientific contribution. (see


September 2018

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Georgia Institute of Technology

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7380 €


Bayerische Forschungsallianz (BayFOR) GmbH